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Founder's Vegan Journey

Updated: Jan 13


Why I Embraced a Vegan Lifestyle

The journey towards becoming a vegan is often a personal and transformative one. For me, the decision to adopt a plant-based diet was primarily driven by considerations of health and fitness.

As a fitness enthusiast, particularly focused on muscle-building, I was thrilled to discover that a plant-based diet promotes faster muscle repair. This meant more frequent gym visits and more opportunities to challenge and strengthen my muscles. Scientific research unequivocally supports the myriad benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, making it a clear and logical choice.

The Most Significant Change

One year into my vegan journey, I experienced a profound shift in perspective. Beyond the personal health benefits, I delved into the broader issues associated with animal agriculture and the environment. This exploration led to a deep change in my compassion and empathy towards all living beings. It became evident that there is no distinction between the value of a dog, a chicken, a cow, or a pig's life.

Overcoming Challenges

When faced with the challenges that can accompany a vegan lifestyle, I find solace in the knowledge that my choices are positively impacting our planet. Viewing the bigger picture, I recognize the greater purpose behind my actions. I approach difficulties from the perspective of the victims in this equation, not my own. By doing so, any hurdles associated with a plant-based diet pale in comparison to the far-reaching consequences of consuming animal products.

Advice for Aspiring Vegans

To those considering or embarking on a vegan journey, my advice is to continually expand your knowledge on all facets of veganism. Being well-informed not only equips you for informed discussions but also strengthens your personal commitment. Remember, knowledge is power. Stay true to your convictions, keep it real, and the impact you make will extend far beyond your plate.

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