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Our Story

Connecting people with the flavors of nature



GoVegan, founded in Guangzhou, China in 2016, is your go-to for plant-based goodness, simplifying your journey toward a wholesome, budget-friendly, and nutritious lifestyle. We create preservative-free, additive-free plant-based products and collaborate with local brands to offer wholesome options across China.


Our commitment extends nationwide, ensuring a seamless vegan delivery service to your doorstep. Our story began in a cozy apartment on a bustling street with just a basic knowledge of cooking, igniting our quest to master the art of crafting healthy dishes.

As time passed, our small kitchen transformed into a fully-equipped culinary hub, featuring a cold storage room and a bustling shipping center that dispatches thousands of parcels each month.


Today, GoVegan presents a wide range of delicious and nutritious whole food, plant-based options at fair prices, making our creations accessible to all. We've expanded our offerings to include dehydrated foods and self-care products, with nearly 300 different products spanning categories like sustenance, supplements, cosmetics, and beauty.


We're committed to meeting your evolving needs, ensuring a wholesome, nationwide delivery of our plant-based treasures. Quality remains at the heart of our mission, and we consistently refine our recipes to provide the best possible experience.

GoVegan is here to cater to your plant-based journey 🌿.

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